The Books

Brave Little Ola So Brave

Little Ola faces bullies. Little Ola is embarrassed by the mole that has grown on her nose, and she does not want to go to school for fear of being teased by other children. Little Ola sets off on a magical quest of self-acceptance and gains help from her friends, Zibby the Butterfly and the Doodle Bunnies, to set a plan in motion to face school bullies. Ultimately, Little Ola gains new friends and rock-solid courage and self-esteem.  

Wish Little Ola Wish

Little Ola deals with the loss of a loved one. Little Ola makes three wishes that take her on a magical quest to discover a happy resting place for her great-grandmother Big Nanny, who died after being sick for a long time. Along the way, Little Ola meets new friends, Zibby the Butterfly and the Doodle Bunnies, and shares in lessons of courage and giving. Ultimately, Little Ola is led to the Doodle Farm, a beautiful and happy resting place.....

Little Ola Takes a Bath

Little Ola Takes a Bath is an adorable and witty story that helps children deal with one of the things they dislike most—taking a bath! Little Ola plans never to take another bath even if she will forever be stinky winky! Little Ola travels to Doodle Rainbow and seeks advice from her friends, Zibby the Butterfly and the Doodle Bunnies. Little Ola and her friends share lessons of fun and simple ways to deal with bath time anxieties. Ultimately, Little.....

Little Ola Goes to Church

Little Ola starts out with a clever plan to avoid church because she thinks it is boring. But through her misadventure, Little Ola learns that her participation in church is very important. Little Ola finds her own special role in church and experiences forgiveness, kindnesses, and lots of fun!